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Here you will be able to download my songs and other works, as well as the ones I did with my previous project called Moreless.

In the experimentation section you will find some of my rarest and funniest compositions. Sometimes they are the fruit of a momentary idea, others they are the result of using a new software, or even sometimes they are just beautiful and interesting sounds that I found in nature or I create by myself.

          1.-Listen to Morelands songs

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          3. Listen to Experiments                    



1.-Moreland’s Songs 

Night of Love

During the sound preproduction of Siete Lunas with its director Octavi Espuga, we were trying the virtual synthesizer Superwave8 (which is wonderful and can be downloaded HERE), I played some harmonys that fascinated him. Half seriously and half as joke, Octavi encouraged me to do a song in the style of the eighties.

This time, we are proud to have the excelent guitarist Toni Cambrodí (Tonicam), playing an spectacular guitar solo.


Credits: Music and lyrics, arrangments and programming, Morelands.

Toni Cambrodí (Tonicam): solo guitar.

...dedicated to Octavi...with “afro” hair 

Photo: Mariona Visa

Design: Octavi Espuga

Toni Cambrodí (Tonicam)

Foto: Tonicam


Nothing is worst than falling down inside a dead-end well, where  time is a kind of eternal; even then, one needs to know for sure that there's still hope...

Hell is a song from the Moreless period, and probably would have been a single of the never edited second EP.

There are two collaborations, in strict order of aparition, the wonderful britain musician Paul Avon and the singer Peter Gil and his magnificent voice.

Credits: Vocals, lyrics, guitars, Theremin, keyboards, arrangements and programming: Morelands

Voice over : Paul Avon

Voice in the final part: Peter Gil





Be careful of what you do...

No forgiveness, escaping is not possible; the consequences of our actions will be pursued relentlessly until they get poured on us, no matter how or why, the only thing that counts is that you're done!

Be careful of what you do...

For this song, we had the honor of having the wonderful voice of British artist Paul Avon.

 Credits: Vocals, lyrics, guitars, Theremin, arrangements and programming: Morelands.

Voice over and collaboration in the text: Paul Avon

Paul Avon

(Font: Paul Avon's website)

Over The Sand

There are moments in our lifes we deeply connect with something; then, while our conscience flows towards a final point and everything makes sense, pleasure invades us and all the other things become superfluous.  

 The origin of the mind’s flowing status can be quite diverse, Over The Sand starts from one of them ...

Credits: voice, guitar, lyrics and arrangements: Morelands.

 Special thanks to Josep Roig for giving me the idea for the song’s title.


Sometimes you meet people that absorbe yourself and you don't know how are they doing it.

When you talk to them, you become smaller and smaller...

This song is inspired in a person that I met, who had an strong necessity of attentions and dedication. She used to trick creative people to get it...a truly brain-sucking Vampire...!

Credits: voices, guitars, lyrics and arrangements: Morelands. 

Foto: Octavi Espuga


The Wind

ThIs song is inspired in the conclusions at which I have arrived lately, observing our world .

 The Wind is a metaphor of what is going to happen to us and to the world, unavoidably and, in my opinion, luckily, as a result of our actions and attitudes towards what we think that is our planet.

 Credits: voice, guitars, lyrics and arrangements: Morelands.

 Dedicated to M., without whom this song wouldn´t have sense.


Photo: Mariona Visa

Design: Octavi Espuga


Waiting For You

Inspired in the nostalgia that I felt during the absence of a loved person.

The longing for the rencounter is the motor of the song, that makes the imagination  and fantasy of the protagonist run away with him, while he waits for some person. If this person ends up coming or not, that will have to be deduced by yourselves.

 Credits: Voices, guitars, Lyrics, arrangments and  programming, Morelands. Thanks to Olga Barceló for having such a beautiful way of walking.

Photo: Octavi Espuga


Last Moment

When my beloved friend (which name I won’t reveal) told me some years ago that he wanted to hang himself and that he practised tying a rope to his neck, tugging at it until he fainted, that caused me a deep sadness and reflection, that brought me to write this song. The best thing is that he said that this practice gave him a sweet dying feeling.

Last Moment poses the question of until what extend do we have the capacity to modify our future and what a suicide involves apart from the own death.

Is one of the songs that I most love, and the final part is of the most powerful and direct that I have ever done.

 Credit: voice over: Montse Farré (Ràdio Les Borges). Voice, guitars, Lyrics, arrangements and programming: Morelands. Thanks to Cristina Verdú for her help.

Design: Octavi Espuga

La Presó de Lleida ("The Prison of Lleida")


“The Prison of Lleida” (La Presó de Lleida) is one of the most famous folk / traditional catalan songs. Its origin is not clear, and it is supposed to be written around the 17th Century, or even long time before. A Medieval inspiration typical song, maybe based on a catalan eventfulness, where the princess of the romance would have been the daughter of the Count-King James I “The Conqueror” and Violant of Hungary.

 Since my mother sang it to me when I was a child, it has been always on my mind. The dramatic theme and the inspiration of its sad & melancholic melody, enclosed only with minor chords, makes “The Prison of Lleida” one of the most emotive catalan songs, such that has been covered by a lot of musicians, either catalans or from the rest of the world. Joan Manel Serrat, Victòria dels Àngels and Marina Rossell are examples of it.

 As the lyrics are very long (31 verses), during my searching work I realized that, like many other old songs, some versions were shortened; even in the most famous a very determinant part of the original text end was missing. This is probably due to its repetitive form and harmony, which makes it hard to avoid the song to become musically boring for the listener –actually it does happen in some versions-.

 My idea an my challenge was to explain the whole story, respecting the original end, and whithout making it tedious or boring. Finally, in this “The Prison of Lleida” Morelands’s cover, I have condensed the essential verses of the original text so that all the relevant action was unafected, and, keeping myself faithful to the original melody and to my personal vision of the song, I have kept on modifying the arrangements, the used instruments and the “tempo” along the track, to give something “new” to the music from time to time. So I have reduced the 31 verses to 9, in less than 5 minutes of varied music. In addition, it’s sung in Lleidatan (the Catalan dialect that I speak), which can give to the song a quite archaic look (Lleidatan has preserved some ancient pronunciation and words) and, why not, more adequate indeed.

 So I offer you a faithful version, modern but also with that ancient flavour. I hope you like it.

Lyrics of this version here. 

Download the original lyrics here.

Credits: Voice. Guitar, Theremin, arrangements & programming, Morelands. 

(This song is edited in the CD "Els Segadors de Metall")





Download this Poster

Els Segadors de Metall Singing Edition:

(This songs are included in the CD "Els Segadors de Metall")

More Catalan Versions: Listen to "La Presó de Lleida" cover.


Els Segadors de Metall


Instrumental adaptation of the Nacional anthem of Catalunya, in a Heavy Metal stile.


Pay attention to the Barroc style variations that I have introduced in the original theme.

 Credit: Guitars, keyboards, arrangements and programming: Morelands

Cuts from historical Catalan celebrities:

1.-Francesc Macià (1931): Proclamation of the Catalan Republic.

2.-Lluís Companys (1932): Fagment of the speech to give courage to the Catalan people for the inminent Spanish Civil War's.

3.-Josep Terradellas: First words of the exiled (forced to) president, on the day of his
return. "Ciutadans de Catalunya, ja sóc aquí!" (Citizens of Catalonia, I'm already/finally here!"

Thanks to Dani López for lending me his old Marshall.



So Easy

This theme reflects a period of comprehension and changes in my life.  Basically, the period of “Searching the End” and “Moments of Glory” is closed.

I also wrote the lyrics a bit influenced by the budist philosophy, not only as a terminus of the aforementioned period, but also in order to  give some piece of advise to anyone who listens.  They are useful to face the current reality...though it’s likely that you won’t need them… or perhaps yes

Credit: guitars, voices, lyrics, keyboards, arrangements and battery programming, Morelands.


Photo: Octavi Espuga


Photo: M.V.


We Have Seen


Inspired in the 11th of March attacks in Madrid (11M).

The lyrics describe the facts putting in the skin of the dead and reflecting and reporting with a deep sadness the political manipulation of the Partido Popular (PP). This is what I perceived during those days and the voters reaction to the general was to see them off from the power.

The anecdote is that I had a strong cold that day, so a nasal voice can be perceived until the first chorus. I wanted to repeat it, but I think that I wouldn’t be able to perform with the same fresh and authentic feeling.

The song has three parts:

1-We Have Seen: At the beginning and at the end; it’s a description of the events. It counts on the collaboration of the soprano Eva Mª Ruiz.

2-Chaos: Here I want to reflex the confusion moments after the explosions. The fire brigade sirens are a kit constructed by myself. I recorded the sirens with the Mini Disc thanks to Patrici Farran, who apart from being a good guitarist is a fireman.

3- The souls: The central part, more relaxed and environmental. When I listen to it, I imagine the dead’s souls ascending slowly, very slowly. Great is the performance of Eva Mª Ruiz in this part, resembling a fairy singing.

Credit: Voice guitar, lyrics,  keyboards, arrangements and programming: Morelands

Second voice Eva Mª Ruiz, soprano.

Fire brigade car: Patrici Farran

Design: Octavi Espuga

Searching The End

One of my best songs. It’s a twin sister of “Moments of Glory” and culminates the same personal period  with an encouraging ending. This is how it’s reflected in the music and the lyrics. I won’t tell you more, the rest is for you...

 It is the first song in which I play the Theremin, and, personally, the most moving moment is in the part when it says “searching the end, I’ve found the beginning”.

Credit: Voice, guitar, lyrics, Theremin, piano, keyboards, arrangements and programming: Morelands.


Moments of Glory

In a hard period of my life, this theme emerged. Both the music and lyrics are quite descriptive; so everybody can interpret it in his own way.

 Although it seems simple, a lot of time has passed between the initial idea and the final composing and recording. This is due to the parallel emergence of “Searching The End”, and to the fact that I didn’t find the audible textures that I exactly needed, mostly regarding to the guitars and the  synthesizers.

Credit: Guitars, voice, lyrics, keyboards, arrangements and programming: Morelands

Photo: M.V.

Unfinished Song

Power  (Unfinished)

This is an idea that I had, that got off the ground during the EUA invasion to Irak at the beginning of this century. I try to express the arrogance and relentless inherent in the power, mostly when it is shown in a military way.

 I have been wondering about the possibility of introducing a voice and converting it to a “normal” song, but I finally decided to leave it as an intro of my next album. You will agree with me when you listen to it… or not. I would like to hear your opinion in the contact section.

Regarding to the technical part, I would emphasise the part where  5 or 6 guitars are playing at the same time. Let’s see if you can count them!

 Credit: Guitars, piano, arrangements and programming: Morelands

Thanks to Dani López for lending me his old Marshall.

Photo: M.V.

All Lost  (Unfinished)

Inspired in a conversation I had the second day that I met my partner, when we reached the conclusion that the world isn’t going properly, as one friend of mine said, it’s “all lost”.

You can’t listen to it yet, and I'm doubting if will finish it soon...

Credit: Voice, guitars, lyrics, keyboards, arrangements and programming: Morelands

Final “Rap” :

Thanks to Edu Anglès for giving me the idea of filling the song with electronic.

To  “you know who you are”


Photo: M.V.

I Wish You Die  (Inacabada)

Rage discharge with a playful and childish touch. Truly, there is no bad intention in the lyrics, but I assure you that I felt at ease after singing it!

 After some time, I have understood that maybe this song had been a therapy for me, but this is another story...

You can listen to this song in the "Morelands Mix"

Credit: guitars, lyrics, programming, voice, shouts and "tantrums": Morelands



2.-Moreless Project



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Moreless was the project before to Morelands, which I shared with  Eduard Anglès.




Little Darling

This song is written by Eduard Anglès, recorded in the final period of Moreless. It has never seen the light and it’s unfinished (Edu will kill me).

I want you to listen to it for several reasons. One of them is the Edu’s great voice performance, and other reasons are the charm and class that the theme has, and the fact that I’m very proud of how it sounds and of the production and arrangements that I did.

 I think it’s a good way of paying a little homage to the last period of Moreless.

 Credit: written by  Eduard Anglès. Voice, arrangements and guitars Eduard Angles. Arrangements, production and sound: myself.





Resurrection - Videoclip

It’s a video clip that belongs to the Moreless project; is the last edited work that we did together.

Resurrection expects to be a magical and surrealistic fairy-tale that revolves around Moreless.

Let’s imagine a world where all the components of the group are dead, unless Less (Eduard Anglès). Less will try to reunify the soul of Moreless (now divided in two spiritual fairies: More and Less), by resurrecting More (Morelands) and making him confront with his past. What follows after this, will have to be seen by the spectator...

...what I will told you is that, as a premonition, the end of Resurrection turned out to be the end of Moreless...

Credit and technical details

Thanks to Bonjo of  Ultrascene and Revers Magazine  for helping in the electronic part




Theme of Moreless, the first song of the Heaven album.

Composed by Eduard Anglès.

It’s a simple but direct theme, with a grapping rhythm!.

Credit: Voice, guitars, lyrics and arrangements Eduard Anglès, chorus, programming and arrangements, Morelands.


Not Free


 Theme of Moreless, composed by  E. Anglès.

Its style is close to Hardcore, but more melodic. I like very much the power of the song and the enormous final solo, in which I collaborated during the composition.

 Credit: Guitars, lyrics, arrangements and chorus: Edu Anglès.

Voice, programming and arrangements, Morelands.


Design: Octavi Espuga

The Impatient

My first song in solitary. Is instrumental and has a lot of power. It has one of my best favourite melodies with a synthesizer and solist guitar. Is the theme of the album that had more fans.

I recommend it because is one of my best songs.

Credit: soloist and rhythm guitar, keyboards, arrangements and programming, Morelands, soloist guitar in the intro, Eduard Anglès.



One of the most ancient and emblematic songs that I composed for Moreless.

With deep lyrics, it enters the mind of a suicide who follows a banal hope. To interpret the lyrics correctly, apart from reading them, you must listen carefully to the final  instrumental part. However, I advise you that it is difficult to understand (questions: contact)

The anecdote is that we were close to rule it out from our first album, but we recorded it just for nostalgia. We liked so much the result that it ended up being the theme which  entitles the album...there will be some reasons...

Credit: voice, keyboards, lyrics, arrangements and programming, Morelands,

Chorus, guitars, arrangements, E. Anglès.


All Right


 I think it is one of the best Edu’s themes. I collaborated in the composition of the final part, in some melodies and in the lyrics. It also counts on the collaboration of Àlex Farran, a simply exceptional guitarist.

All Right talks about an unsatisfied person who has the necessity and the incapacity to change. His double personality will difficult his life even more.

 One of the enigmas of the song is…who burps?

Credit: Guitars, lyrics, voice, chorus and arrangements, E. Anglès,

Voice, lyrics, arrangements and programming, Morelands.

Final guitar solo: Àlex Farran



3.-Experiments     (Go back to the Menu)


Pluja, Tro i Campanes

Ambient recording of a storm at the spring of 2006.

Of the whole recording,  it was worth extracting this small part, where a succession of elements superpose in a very artistic way.

Credits: Recorded with miniDisc, restaurated with Aural Exciter APHEX-204.




Audible experiment  inspired in Jaume Jumbert’s project of his final degree course.

It’s made with Catalan phonemes.

Credit: Initial idea, Jaume Jumbert. Phonemes and programming, Morelands.




Foto: Mariona Visa



Audible experiment with the granular synthesis technique.

It’s made with the "Granulab" programme and it lasts 15 minutes. Let’s see if you can stand the whole of it ...I say it seriously!!

Credit: Programming Morelands. The programme license is of Sonic Spot. You can download it here:



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I did it for a TV advertisement of a esthetical. I have included it because it has a tickling touch. Some day I will develop it fully, with a guitar solo above.

The title is an English word backwards.

Credit: Morelands.


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