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                           1.0-What is Morelands?

                           1.1.-Who is Morelands?

                           1.2.-What does Morelands expects?

                           1.3.-Which style of music does Morelands

                           1.4.-Do I need to pay to listen to Morelands’ works?



                           2.-Morelands’ history   




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1.-What is Morelands?         

 Morelands is a musical project alternative to the current musical industry, in the sense that all the Morelands’ works are written, performed, recorded and produced with own means by an only person (except in some creations there are guest artists), and they are completely free of any influence or comercial bonds.

Morelands also works in film and other audiovisual projects. 





1.1.-Who is Morelands?

Morelands is a single person, JMMG, and lives in a small city in Catalunya.




1.2.-What does Morelands expects?

 To do the kind of music he likes.

The powerful music industry, each time more manipulated, artificial and repetitive, has corrupted the musical concept from the collective imaginary until turning it in just another consume product.

Born from a romantic view of Music,  Morelands offers a musical alternative running away from these bonds. 



1.3.-Which style of music does Morelands do?

In fact, he doesn’t pose this.  Morelands does the kind of music that he likes.

Some Morelands’ friends have defined its music with such definitions as simfonic-mistic pop-rock, or Transcendental gothic-metal. If we think in the musical concepts in which Morelands revolves around, we would have to recognize that we like this frame indeed...




1.4.- Do I have to pay to listen to Morelands’ works?


That doesn’t imply that the author renounces to the royalties. All the works are religiously registered and you can’t use them without the author’s permission, specially it if it’s for commercial purposes. 


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2.-Brief Morelands’ History         


Behind Morelands there is a person, JMMG, who lives in a small city of Catalunya.

JMMG started the study of music at the age of 5, impelled by familiar tradition.

While he courses the superior degrees of piano, harmony, singing of scales, etc he forms different musical groups, always with his friend Eduard Anglès. The more fruitful and important is Moreless, from which you will find some works in this web.

At the same time, he learns the recording, mixing and  production techniques of sound in a self-taught way.

In 2001 Moreless launches his first album completely auto-produced (Heaven) and in 2003 a musical short film. (Resurrection).

 In 2005, for reasons that will be explained some day, due to something or just for chance,  Moreless ends as Resurrection...

In February 2006 Moreland's project is created, and soon the first EP ("Searching The End")

In July 2008 is edited the EP "Els Segadors de Metall", a work with some versions of catalan traditional songs .

 Morelands has collaborated in cinematographic productions, with the director Octavi Espuga, (Obsession, Perver, 7 Lunas), creating the soundtracks and especial effects.

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